Can Wives Give an Objective Opinion?

21 Aug

Given the interest created by my post entitled ‘Can Husbands Give an Objective Opinion?’,  I thought I’d devote a few minutes to considering the other side of the coin.

Again, speaking from personal experience, I contend that the answer is an emphatic ‘ Yes.’  A strong, fair-minded woman in a serious relationship is perfectly capable of seeing the truth and, just as importantly, vocalising it. Unless their relationship is become threadbare, then, despite any voice of dissent,  the marriage can survive unscathed.  An open-minded husband will respect his wife’s right to her opinion.  Conversely, if the viewpoint is a favourable one, then the husband will likely feel a warm glow of approval, something that humanity strives for, I believe.

In conclusion, I believe that, in a relationship where honesty and integrity is valued, it is not only possible for husbands and wives to express objective opinions about any aspect of their partner, but highly desirable.

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