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The Mystery of Time

6 Jan

Recent events have sharpened my appreciation of the differences we gauge in our estimation of the passage of time.

I guess most of us have noticed how time flies when we’re running late, or having a good time.

Often, when the status quo of our lifestyle reigns, time seems to slip past, sometimes with little or no appreciation that it is going by. Does this mean that normality tends to make the passage of time less significant?

On the other hand, when trouble’s afoot, don’t we perceive time as dragging? Does a few hours of anxiety feel more like a week, as we long for life to take a turn for the better; for our worries to melt away?

Does looking back make time seem greater? Does it all depend on the scenario?

Whatever conclusions we draw, do we all see the inconsistencies in our appreciation of the  passage of the increments of time?

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Am I Crazy, or Just Determined?

6 Jan

Today I swam eight hundred metres. Nothing unusual; yesterday I ploughed through a kilometre. The difference was, however, in the conditions.

Yesterday was a normal summer day: warm temperatures, little or no breeze. Overall, inviting for water sports. Today, however, was a different kettle of fish.

The southerly wind blew, gusting stronger at its whim. The sky was grey: the swimmers few and far between.

Alone, I ventured in. Thankfully, the water was warm, around twenty-four degrees Celsius. Yes, it was choppy, but I saw that rather as a challenge, instead of an excuse to stay dry. And it was exhilarating! I felt really alive at the end of it!

And, later, when another swimmer braved it, how proud was I when he chickened out after a mere three hundred metres!

Score a point for us females!

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Live and Let Live!

5 Jan

Do you have a motto, a code of ethics that describes your philosophy?

I pondered this question today, and  concluded the following.


It’s ‘Live and Let Live!’

With few exceptions, I go out of my way to preserve life. No, I’m not a vegetarian, though in theory at least I agree with them.

If I see an insect on the ground, I carefully step over it, not wantonly squash it like some with totally opposite ideals.  Likewise, if an insect is swimming  frantically in the local baths, who is renowned for gently fishing it out on the back of a leaf? Yep, yours truly!

Spiders, wasps, you name it: I just let it be. With two exceptions.

(a) Fleas

(b) Mosquitoes.

Somehow, the trouble they cause dissolves my strongly-held principles, and I relinquish my qualms without even a pang of conscience!

Ah, well. That’s human nature, I guess!

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