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What A Day!

25 Feb

Note this date: 25th February, 2012. Today, I finished my book!

Well, not entirely….I’ve finished its first draft. Doubtless, other writers will verify that this is a major milestone.

Hooray! I didn’t run out of ideas! Wow! I stuck to the computer, despite life’s temptations!

What a relief! The hard yards are over!

All that’s left is the tinkering that turns the bare bones into a fully-formed baby, ready to make its appearance on the world literary stage!

Like its predecessors, it’s easy to comprehend, and identify with the characters and situations.

It has my own style as author, and doubtless my husband Ronald Sharp the Sydney Opera House Organ Builder will add his finishing touches as editor.

It has high hopes to live up to, and plenty of shelf-mates with identical parentage.

It has all that: and more….

What it doesn’t yet have is a name!

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Time to Share my Secret

17 Feb

Fellow writers and readers alike, it’s time I shared my secret. I’m writing my sixth book!

Very quietly, I’ve been plugging away;  searching for inspiration, rejoicing when it turned to reality.

What a buzz it is when something turns out just right: when your ideas gel, and evolve into an engrossing read.

Are you your harshest critic? If so, doesn’t that double your delight?

In sweeping away the inevitable self doubts that, I guess, creep into even the most competent and confident authors, doesn’t a successful outcome go a long way to re-charging our batteries: re-igniting our enthusiasm?

Energized yet relaxed, I look forward to the fulfillment of yet another literary project.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

What a red-letter day for lovers! Valentine’s Day!

How many surprises did this day bring? Did secret admirers reveal their hands?

Did sweethearts and spouses rejoice with passionate celebration?

Were florists sold out of iconic red roses?

Were engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings eagerly bought?

How many women and girls took the plunge and proposed? After all, it’s Leap Year, too!

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What’s Tough About Writing?

13 Feb

I like writing. Whether it be communicating facts, ideas, philosophy or fictitious adventures, writing can be, and often is, a source of real enjoyment.

However, in common with many good things, there’s a downside.

In my fiction-writing cloak, I often struggle to come up with a starting point: a theme, a plot, even a title will do. And I confidently count on the empathy of those in this same boat. Stress, stress, stress!

Writing articles can be demanding, too, since it’s more than embarrassing to record mis- information: it’s thoroughly unprofessional. And who wants a blot on their copybook? Let me re-phrase this: who wants another blot on their copybook?

Writing is demanding. It takes over your life. Even when you’re supposed to be relaxing, your mind often drifts back to the task at hand. Hands up who hasn’t stopped in the middle of something: anything: to jot down a new idea?

As a fellow writer recently concurred with me, writing can be draining. Few things in life ever exhaust me as much as a major literary project. Once started, it goes against the grain for me to give it up, so I struggle on, regardless.

So, take heart, fellow slaves of the pen! The world still needs us, I hope!

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A Novel Slant on Books

10 Feb

In at least one municipality here in Australia, the National Year of Reading 2012 is kicking off in an innovative style.

The public library in Kogarah, a suburb of Sydney, N.S.W.,  is in the process of recycling its excess books into decorative features for what promises to be a stunning display.

The highlight of this venture- a sculpture for the library’s foyer-integrates more than two thousand books, glued and screwed together. Others will be made into art works, some suspended.

I wonder how many authors ever envisaged their works breathing new life in a such a striking way?

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What’s So Good About Family?

7 Feb

Last weekend, my husband Ron and I spent quality time with my family.

‘Twas a  real ‘meeting of the clan’; literally dozens of relatives- from tots to seniors- all gathered around the barbie.

What made it so special? Firstly, given the commitments of everyday life, it’s a rare event to assemble together so many.  Secondly, which perhaps should have come first, the atmosphere was amazing:  full of love.

Genuine smiles, kind words, hugs and kisses abounded: family bonds, nurtured and strengthened.

It came as a shock to me, seeing how time’s passage had changed many individuals, and it’s impossible to say whether this is  starkest on the little ones, the middle aged, or the seniors. Yet, for a few  lucky ladies, it’s as though time had stood still: had ceased to operate visibly. Surely, life is treating them kindly!

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Food, Glorious Food!

1 Feb

Food, glorious food! Who can forget this song from Oliver, and the scenes that went with it?

In all societies, food plays a vital place role. We all need it for survival.

People from different cultures love different foodstuffs, and therefore the choice of foods in a social setting is often enough to stamp a unique atmosphere.

Take, for example, the traditional Aussie barbecue.   Snags, steak, bacon, fried onions, bread-rolls and sauce, generally washed down with amber liquid, fulfills a hallowed place in a typical holiday get-together.

On the other hand, a hopeful suitor may go all-out to impress his chosen one by splurging in an expensive restaurant.  Does this invariably make a statement of admiration?

Those into health and fitness can, and often do, go down the conventional path of healthy eating. Trouble is, what the experts declare ‘bad’ one day may be deemed ‘good’ at a later date, and vice versa, leaving its devotees at risk of unnecessary deprivation or unpalatable inclusion.

Bon appetite!

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