Food, Glorious Food!

1 Feb

Food, glorious food! Who can forget this song from Oliver, and the scenes that went with it?

In all societies, food plays a vital place role. We all need it for survival.

People from different cultures love different foodstuffs, and therefore the choice of foods in a social setting is often enough to stamp a unique atmosphere.

Take, for example, the traditional Aussie barbecue.   Snags, steak, bacon, fried onions, bread-rolls and sauce, generally washed down with amber liquid, fulfills a hallowed place in a typical holiday get-together.

On the other hand, a hopeful suitor may go all-out to impress his chosen one by splurging in an expensive restaurant.  Does this invariably make a statement of admiration?

Those into health and fitness can, and often do, go down the conventional path of healthy eating. Trouble is, what the experts declare ‘bad’ one day may be deemed ‘good’ at a later date, and vice versa, leaving its devotees at risk of unnecessary deprivation or unpalatable inclusion.

Bon appetite!

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