What’s Tough About Writing?

13 Feb

I like writing. Whether it be communicating facts, ideas, philosophy or fictitious adventures, writing can be, and often is, a source of real enjoyment.

However, in common with many good things, there’s a downside.

In my fiction-writing cloak, I often struggle to come up with a starting point: a theme, a plot, even a title will do. And I confidently count on the empathy of those in this same boat. Stress, stress, stress!

Writing articles can be demanding, too, since it’s more than embarrassing to record mis- information: it’s thoroughly unprofessional. And who wants a blot on their copybook? Let me re-phrase this: who wants another blot on their copybook?

Writing is demanding. It takes over your life. Even when you’re supposed to be relaxing, your mind often drifts back to the task at hand. Hands up who hasn’t stopped in the middle of something: anything: to jot down a new idea?

As a fellow writer recently concurred with me, writing can be draining. Few things in life ever exhaust me as much as a major literary project. Once started, it goes against the grain for me to give it up, so I struggle on, regardless.

So, take heart, fellow slaves of the pen! The world still needs us, I hope!

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One Response to “What’s Tough About Writing?”

  1. PaulTanja March 9, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Hi friend I admire your blog

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