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Mark’s Review: Amelia’s Call

25 Jun

My thanks to Goodreads reviewer Mark for providing this review of my first novella, ‘Amelia’s Call’.


Amelia’s Call
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)

Mark‘s review

Jun 25, 13

bookshelves: novella


This is a powerful, page-turning, first-person narrative about naïveté and denial, disabuse and empowerment and the changing perception of the meaning of marriage — and the “motive and the cue” for relationships. Sharp offers a multi-faceted perspective that will appeal both to social liberals and feminists who cannot abide the presumption of patriarchal dominance (which would include this reviewer), and those to whom the sanctity of a commitment is still important (which would also include this reviewer). None of her characters is flat or unidimensional, though. Some are strong, confident and well-intentioned, but not controlling. Others are weak and insecure, but not malevolent. Only the mother-in-law comes across as manipulative and loathsome, but her plight, too, is human and comprehensible. There is neither absolutism of fidelity nor wholly unmotivated cheating, but in husband and wife both, some impulse to develop into the people they fundamentally are, but have been derailed from becoming. For the husband, we might think, this is the sadder outcome. However one takes it, the conclusion is satisfying. No unhappy endings. Five stars.

It’s Out: ‘Amelia’s Call’

25 Jun

I’m delighted to announce that my first novella, ‘Amelia’s Call’, has just been released.

Here’s the link: Customize

Those of you who are familiar with this blog may remember an earlier post in which I alluded to  a secret project. No prizes for guessing that this is it!

After writing and publishing six collections of Australian Short Stories and Vignettes, and another title about life through the eyes of an Australian baby boomer, I decided it was time to try something different. I’m the first to admit that I’ve never studied the art of writing novellas, and therefore played the entire project by ear.

Will it be well received? Who knows?

Here’s hoping…..

Let’s Try Indie!

21 Jun

I admit to surprise at a recent statement made to me.

The thrust of it was, that there are readers out there that simply refuse to buy a title if it’s self-published.

Having no way of knowing  if this is absolutely true; and  assuming it is, how widespread is this feeling ; I can only comment on the reasons why I believe it’s worthwhile to try Indie.

Firstly, throw away any relics of the idea that self-publishing is the last resort of writers whose attempts at mainstream publishing have been  met with disappointment. It simply isn’t the case.  I, for one, have never tried to have my books published any other way.

Why did I choose to self-publish?

Its main attraction centres around control. To self-publish gives a writer complete control of virtually all aspects of writing, from the actual words to the cover, distribution and pricing. There is artistic control of the highest level. Even the date of publication is in my hands.

As a reader, why should you consider Indie?

Well, looking at self-published works clearly broadens your range of possibilities. These days, with online publishing presenting the opportunity to try before you purchase, it’s the work of a few minutes to sample and decide if a specific title may well be exactly what you’re looking for. And, if you choose to go ahead and purchase, this single act can make a difference to a writer, particularly one who is struggling to get a readership. Even better, if you go that extra mile and write a review! This often means so much to an emerging Indie writer.

Indies seem to find it particularly difficult to get their books into shops, and this can make it even harder to get established.

Isn’t it a worthwhile project for a reader to seek out and read at least the occasional Indie title?

My ‘Encore’ has been Chosen!

5 Jun

What a surprise!

Yesterday I discovered that my seventh title, ‘Encore’, which was released this year, has been chosen as one of the four books of the month by the Goodreads group, Writer and Readers.

This title has had a couple of lovely reviews, firstly from Goodreads member Mark, and next by Goodreads Aussie readers moderator Brenda Telford.

‘Encore’ is an anthology of mostly romantic vignettes and Short Stories. The first, ‘Annie’s Story’, has been very well liked by both reviewers.

Watch This Space…..

4 Jun

Birds fly, fish swim, singers sing, and writers write…..

These past weeks I have not been idle.

In fact, I have been working in something quite new and exciting!

In the beginning, I wondered if I could actually do it.

Half-way through, I was still wondering….

But now I have a fait accompli!

Watch this space!