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A Pretty Pair….

30 Sep

One of my favourite sights in the bush are the King Parrots. Usually, I spot the magnificent male of the species, all alone. But this time my luck was in, since there he perched, high on a tree, not so very far away from his mate.


A pair of King Parrots

A pair of King Parrots


It’s Raining Reviews!

29 Sep

Two reviews in two days may be nothing to big-time authors, but for little ol’ me, it’s stupendous!

Thank you, Jake!

Michaela Betrayed
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)

Jake Taylor‘s review

Sep 27, 13
Read in September, 2013

Throughout the novella “Michaela Betrayed” and the other short stories that make up the rest of this entertaining book, there is an undercurrent of wisdom; folk wisdom at that. The reader is going to feel as though he or she can see what’s coming, perhaps it will remind him or her of their own past experiences or those of a friend, or of their own families and of the things that they went through when they were young and of all the twists of fate that accompanied them; however, the ends are always surprising, leaving you with a good aftertaste and a smile.
There are, of course, many palatable morsels throughout the book that Ms Sharp has incorporated, here’s a sample or two: “Life was wonderful: and love the pinnacle of happiness.” I’m sure this will remind you of someone special. “Were we both about to find that music is the food of love?” Do you remember past loves when hearing a song or another piece of music? If you do, it is because you are a romantic. On the other hand, I did mention wisdom above, so here’s a couple of morsels on that: “But life is about balance…” and “Things tend to fix themselves up when there is genuine love between the parties.” So true, so down to earth.
Very enjoyable light reading, five stars; Jake Taylor

Look at Me!

29 Sep
Look at Me!

Look at Me!

Look at Me!

Is that what Cocky is thinking?

Recently I was lucky to snap this beautiful White Cockatoo with its sulphur crest erect.

Australia is a haven for lovers of parrots!

Brenda’s review: ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’

27 Sep

I’m very pleased to be able to report that Goodreads Aussie readers moderator, Brenda,

has just posted the following review of my sixth title.

Long and Short Australian Stories
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)

Brenda‘s review

Sep 26, 13

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Read on September 26, 2013 — I own a copy

Long and Short Australian Stories is made up of twenty different romantic tales, mostly short, sweet and to the point. The first and last are a little longer, delving deeper into different aspects of life, love and family.

I’ve chosen to review the first of these stories, Run While You’re Young:

Rebecca had one year of schooling remaining with her domineering parents pushing her continually, so when Rebecca informed her parents she was in love with Daniel, all they could see was his standing in life, the fact that he wasn’t “good enough” for their daughter. After forbidding her to see him anymore, Rebecca and Daniel decided to take matters into their own hands.

When she ran away with Daniel, heading for his Uncle Garry’s place in the country, she left her parents a note so they wouldn’t worry – but she didn’t tell them where she was going. Rebecca continued her studies until she had completed her course, happy and content with her life at last. But would her happiness last? Would she have a future with Daniel, or would she have to return to her parents’ side, cowed and dominated?

This was a delightful story which spanned several years, with family a dominating factor. Rebecca’s strength of character stood out, and also Daniel’s love for Rebecca; but also his respect for her and her parents. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

I would recommend this anthology of short stories to anyone who loves a light romantic read.


26 Sep


That’s what this Pelargonium sparks in my mind.

As a young child in my city home, I used to gather these and their companions, red geraniums, from our front garden.

Luckily, when we moved away to the suburbs, my family took slips, which struck with characteristic ease.

This is a direct descendant.


Purple pelargonium

Purple pelargonium

Cockies on the Shore….

25 Sep

Cockies on the shore…..

Well, right beside it, anyway. This small flock is feeding just behind the sandy shores of our local swimming baths.

Better be quiet lest they stir, and fly high into the mature  gum trees nearby….


White cockatoos on the shore

White cockatoos on the shore

It’s Easy, Going Down….

24 Sep
It's easy, going down....

It’s easy, going down….

It’s easy, going down….

That’s the thought that pops into my head as I approach this, the top of the hill that leads to our local swimming baths.

The lure of the water is enough to make me forget, at least for a whiie, the difficulty of climbing the steep return.

Nevertheless, the beautiful surroundings and refreshing salt water make it all so worthwhile.

A Celebration of Spring

23 Sep

A celebration of Spring…..well, perhaps that’s going to far, though here in Australia, among the exotics both Azaleas and Prunus rate highly.

This is a small section of our front garden. Further along, one finds more Azaleas –mostly the old-fashioned varieties. Waiting for their day in the sun, the Frangipanis are yet to sprout, though the hardy Geraniums and pelargoniums are in full bloom, now.

Where would we be without flowers?

Springtime flowers

Springtime flowers

In a place that I don’t wish to contemplate…..

Let’s Dance!

22 Sep

Several times a month, Ron and I follow our favourite cover band, The Bandits, to various venues in Sydney. We love to hear their wonderful renditions of many of the greatest hits of the sixties, seventies and eighties; tunes made famous by both top Australian and overseas artists.

Sometimes, the band leader, Paul, encourages the audience to sing along; though many, both on the dance floor and in the background, need no encouragement, at least to mime.

Waiting for the music to begin....

Waiting for the music to begin….

The Bandits Band

The Bandits Band


Music can weave a special magic. What else can create such dramatic shifts in mood?

Whether you’re there to dance or just to listen, it’s easy to get transported to another time, another place: back to one’s younger days!

Hello, Again!

21 Sep

Hello, again!

That seems to me to be what this cockatoo is thinking.

I snapped him one morning when the park was alive with birds.

That’s one of the sweetest attractions of living near this Australian bushland park: the sights and sounds of nature.


Hello, again!

Hello, again!