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What an Eye-Catcher!

31 Oct

What an eye-catcher!

Don’t you agree that  Crimson Rosellas rank among the world’s most stunning birds?

Today I spotted a pair that were searching for food beside the river bank. I could scarcely take my eyes off them!

Here’s a photo of a magnificently-feathered  specimen.

Please enjoy it!

Magnificent Male Kind Parrot

Magnificent Crimson Rosella

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30 Oct


Is that what this cockatoo is thinking?

The more I see these enthralling creatures, the more I enjoy their company.

Australian wildlife must surely rank among the most delightful in the universe.




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What a Pose!

29 Oct

What a pose!

Don’t you love it when out of the blue your subject comes up with something different?

The face of this cockatoo just invites a comment, don’t you think?

One of the joys of living close to an Australian bushland area that boasts magnificent flocks of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos!

What a pose! Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

What a pose! Sulphur-crested Cockatoo


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Bottlebrush: an Australian Beauty

28 Oct

Do you love the Bottlebrush?

Certainly, I do!

Not only are they spectacularly beautiful in form and colour, they also attract delightful native birds such as parrots.

We’re lucky enough to have a few growing in our backyard. What a joy it is to watch the play of light on their pinky-red flowers!


Beautiful Bottlebrush

Beautiful Bottlebrush

More Springtime Blossoms…

27 Oct


Springtime Blossoms

Springtime Blossoms

I cannot allow Springtime to pass without showing readers these lovely blossoms.

They grow quite near our home.

Many years ago, our neighbours planted a pair of these beautiful trees on the nature strip.

They explained that they wanted to ‘leave something behind’: a legacy of their time.

Just a few years later, these people moved on, but just as they had predicted, these living reminders grew and flourished.

So right now, all those who pass by can pause and admire their delicate colours and form.

Please enjoy this little glimpse.


Flannel Flowers In the Wind…

24 Oct

Flannel Flowers in the wind….

A photographic challenge, if ever there was one!

Experience tells me this is a hit or miss proposition. Plenty of blurred shots bear testimony to the many misses.


Flannel Flowers in the Wind

Flannel Flowers in the Wind

These flowers are blooming today, beside the river.

Isn’t Australia blessed to have such native flora abounding in simple charm and beauty?

Scavengers on the Shore…

23 Oct

Scavengers on the shore…

Attractive though they are, the seagull is noted for its voracious appetite. Who hasn’t been flocked by these hungry hoards at a picnic?


Seagulls on the Shore

Seagulls on the Shore

Nevertheless, don’t you think that these make a charming site on the shores of this  river beach?

Anyone for Street Organs?

22 Oct

Anyone for Street Organs?

A little over a week ago, Ron, Chicki and I attended an annual get-together for Street Organ enthusiasts.

Held at Campbelltown in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, this rally attracted quite a crowd. Some organs were quite large and capable of producing tunes in high volume. Others were small and sweet. All were colourful!

Decorative organ

Decorative organ

Another attractive specimen

Another attractive specimen

Lovely details in this organ

Lovely details in this organ

The 'Crusader'

The ‘Crusader’

Part of the scene....

Part of the scene….


Families turned up in anticipation of an interesting and unusual  outing.

The hot, sunny conditions saw plenty of takers for ice-creams and cold drinks.

My husband Ron made almost all of the pipes for the organ that Chicki and I are seated near, the ‘Crusader’ .


Where There’s Smoke…..

21 Oct

Our morning break in the park took on quite a different complexion today. The all-pervasive smell of smoke hung in the air.

It may look just like a pleasant mist, but the reality is that it’s an unpleasant reminder of the devastating bushfires in the N.S.W. Blue Mountains.

The smoky river....

The smoky river….

Smoke in the background

Smoke in the background


These photos are taken  in a Sydney suburb around 10a.m..

Happiness Is: Two Lovely Reviews in One Day!

21 Oct

Happiness is: Two lovely reviews in One Day!

Certainly true if one is a newly-emerging writer…..

Zara’s Reviews > Long and Short Australian Stories

Long and Short Australian Stories
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Zara‘s review

Oct 20, 13

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Read from October 01 to 20, 2013
I loved this book.

It was made up of a number of different stories of varying lengths (hence the title “long and short”) about different peoples’ relationships and following their dreams in spite of what people might think or try to talk them out of doing.

It was written in a way that made it easy and quick to read. The dialogue between people was well structured and set out.

If you’re wanting a light, fun and easy read for those lazy days on the beach or in your favourite reading spot then I recommend this book. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jake Taylor’s Reviews > A Taste of Life and Love in Australia

A Taste of Life and Love in Australia
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Jake Taylor‘s review

Oct 20, 13
Read in October, 2013
Ms Sharp has again provided us with a group of very charming short stories. From the young man who was too shy to make his move to the older gentleman who got a second opportunity many years later. In some cases, a door is shut while other opens according to the whims of Cupid. In other cases, interest gets involved. In A Taste of Life and Love in Australia, the author includes these lines: “So you would put an inheritance ahead of me? Ahead of our marriage? Is that what you’re saying?” This reminded me of Don Quixote and his squire Sancho during the Wedding of Camacho, the rich one (Don Quixote, Part II, Chapter 20) who while attending the festivities heard one of the players say: “I am the one that is mightier than Love… for I am Interest” (“Soy quien puede más que Amor… Soy el Interés”). There are other stories that seem to say: I make my own decisions. Others kindle an old friendship; others bring back an old love. Another great line of Ms. Sharp is: “Wasn’t mature love a horse of a different colour?” Almost as asking: Is there such a thing as mature love?
But I must confess that two of my favorite lines were: “life can change in an instant” and “you never know what’s around the corner” (most especially in love matters). Therefore, in closing, I sincerely hope that whatever happens to be around the next corner that can change your life in an instant is as lovely and charming as these stories. Nice reading, Five Stars, Jake Taylor

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