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A New Review for ‘Lauren Played’

29 Nov

A lovely surprise greeted me this afternoon!

I found to my delight that Goodreads Aussie Readers moderator Brenda had posted the following review of my tenth title, ‘Lauren Played’.

Brenda’s Reviews > Lauren Played

Lauren Played
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Brenda‘s review

Nov 28, 13

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Read on November 29, 2013 — I own a copy
Sixteen year old Lauren was devastated when her first love, Rob, let her down gently but firmly. Rob had been directing a short film and when he’d spotted her on Cronulla Beach, he’d asked her to play a small part. But when filming had ended, so had their fledgling relationship. She had been so sure they would last forever; now she was sure her heart would break.Months later, just short of her seventeenth birthday, another young man entered her life. David was a nice person, good looking, attentive – but was Lauren ready to leave Rob in the past?This is another enjoyable novella by Sharp who writes romance with feeling, while exploring the tenderness of young love and the emotion when things go wrong. A great short story for romance lovers everywhere.

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They’re Out! Western Australian Red-Flowering Gums!

26 Nov

They’re out! Western Australian Red-flowering Gums!

In Sydney,this is the just the start of their glorious season…

Sadly, it’s a fairly short time…but nevertheless, absolutely glorious!

This photo was taken in a neighbour’s garden.

There’s even a few planted locally as street trees. What wonderful specimens!

With luck, I will gather more images as time goes by…

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Western Australian Red-flowering Gums

Western Australian Red-flowering Gums

‘Lauren Played’: Its First Review

25 Nov

I’m thrilled to announce that my tenth (and newly-released) title, ‘Lauren Played’, has been reviewed.

Thanks, Mark (from the U.S.)

Mark’s Reviews > Lauren Played

Lauren Played
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)


Mark‘s review

Nov 24, 13
Lauren Played with ImaginationThe title is obviously a triple entendre, but in the end, Lauren isn’t “played” at all, but if “the play’s the thing,” she goes off stage a winner.What is most striking about this romantic set piece is not that it’s a page-turner (which it is), or that the narrative and the dialogue synchronize with poetic precision (which they do)… but that Lauren, a young woman barely seventeen, is so authentic, so believable in every way, in her every thought, as she navigates the emotional transition between her first relationship and the one certain to succeed.

Stories of young women who want to act tend to be formulaic, the heroines secure and determined and manipulative, but this one isn’t. Lauren is insecure, uncertain, introspective — talented but modest, wanting to keep her personal and professional aspirations in check — but she misses nothing, and all her emotions ring true as crystal. The final scene is heartwarming. Five stars.

An Interesting Pair…

24 Nov

An interesting pair…

Birds fascinate me. I love to watch them flying, gliding, nesting or just strutting around.

This pair of Ibis seem to be enjoying themselves on the grass beside a Botany Bay Foreshore beach.


An interesting pair...

An interesting pair…

Hello Down There!

22 Nov

Hello down there!

Is that what this cockatoo is thinking?

Aren’t they such engaging creatures?

Australia surely is a land of parrots!

Hello down there!

Hello down there!

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A New Review: Encore

22 Nov

One of the greatest rewards of writing lies in the knowledge that one has won the approval of readers.

I’m absolutely delighted to say that the latest review of ‘Encore’ has put a smile of my face.

Here’s the link to Goodreads.

Sincere thanks to the reviewer, Dr Pankaj Goyal.

New Release: Lauren Played

20 Nov

We’ve just released my tenth title: a short and enthralling romance, ‘Lauren Played”.

It’s the story of a teenager who seeks love from an older man, and the consequences of his rejection. Will Lauren be strong enough to pick up the pieces?

Here’s the link

So far, it’s available on Kindle only.

Kookaburra Conference

20 Nov

Much of the time, kookaburras seem to be solitary creatures, but now and then they cluster together. My guess is that, on this occasion,  someone had left food scraps behind, and that the birds were making the most of them.

Kookaburra Conference

Kookaburra Conference

Whatever the reason, I think a group makes a lovely sight, don’t you?

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A Handsome Pair…

19 Nov

As readers of this blog will know, I *love* ducks!

Unfortunately they are fairly rare visitors to the local park, but when they do turn up I grasp every photographic opportunity.

What a pair!

What a pair!


What a handsome pair!

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Who likes Noisy Miners?

16 Nov

Who likes Noisy Miners?

Quite often, they are on the receiving end of bad press.

People say they are aggressive, and chase away other, sweeter birds.

Nevertheless, they can be quite engaging little characters.

Here’s a photo of a pair, taken at my local park.

Noisy Miners

Noisy Miners