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Kookaburra Takes a Bath

31 Jan
Hello there!

Hello there!

A thorough job...

A thorough job…

Warm, sunny days tempt more than just humans into the water.

Just as we love swimming, at least some Kookaburras seem to relish getting thoroughly wet. It’s becoming quite common for me to spot one or more of these magnificent birds, thoroughly drenched through bathing in a pool of tap water.

And by the response I received, these Kingfishers are not the least bit camera-shy….Or have they just gotten used to my presence?

Who knows?

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It’s a Duck’s Life…

30 Jan
What's for lunch? Crab?

What’s for lunch? Crab?

It’s a duck’s life, flying in from home, sampling the delicacies on offer at the local swimming baths.

Maybe on average I see ducks there once or twice a week. Sometimes they’re on the water, swimming or diving. Sometimes on the shore, searching for food. Sometimes on the promenade, quenching their thirst.

And then, sometimes after a well-earned rest, they fly hastily away.

Homeward bound, I’ll bet…

Waddling along...

Waddling along…

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The Smiling Cow

29 Jan

Why is this cow smiling?

Perhaps it’s enjoying being the centre of attention at the local Australia Day show.

Perhaps it’s relishing the company–of humans, of farm-yard animals, and of pets.

Perhaps it’s savouring its new environment–the distant trees, the unusual grasses.

Does it know that it will soon play a major role– the animal star of ‘Milking the Cow’?

Whatever the reason –to our eyes at least– this cow is displaying a contagious grin. 🙂

The Smiling Cow

The Smiling Cow

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A New review: 60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences

28 Jan

Author everywhere, I’m sure, are thrilled when someone takes the time and trouble to review their work.

A big ‘Thank you’ to Goodreads member Mark !!

60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)

Mark‘s review

Jan 27, 14
A very light, upbeat, felicitous collection exhibiting Sharp’s usual knack for emotional authenticity and spare, well-tempered prose. Highly readable, and of interest especially to children of the 60’s and readers seeking light but ruminative fare. Sharp asks and answers, sometimes humorously, sometimes aphoristically, the questions that beset all of us of a certain age and generation, but this very accessible book will appeal to readers of all ages.60_Questions,_Insigh_Cover_for_Kindle

Australia Day in the Park: In Sydney, Australia

28 Jan
The friendly goat

The friendly goat

Goat with attitude

Goat with attitude

Furry and Feathered Friends

Furry and Feathered Friends



Our local Council organized a wonderful, family day out in celebration of Australia Day on January 26.

Sheep in waiting (Shearing)

Sheep in waiting (Shearing)

Carnival-style stalls and demonstrations of country activities such as shearing the sheep and milking the cows provided some of the day’s highlights.

But for me, nothing could equal the delight of watching the farmyard animals.

One remarkably friendly and engaging baby goat kept coming up to me, seeking attention. I confess I would be tempted to have one as a pet if circumstances permitted.

As it is, Chicki need have no fear of competition.

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A Frequent Visitor

27 Jan

White-faced Herons are frequent visitors to the local baths.

I’m sure they find rich pickings there. Why else would they choose to come back, day after day?

I see them surveying the beach, suddenly stabbing downwards. The nearby mudflats are another favourite spot.

Their fight is as quiet as it is graceful.

White-faced heron

White-faced heron

Such elegant birds!

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The Four O’clocks of my Childhood

25 Jan

Few flowers remind me of my childhood more than these charming and unusual plants.

I guess some consider them to be little better than weeds since they grow so readily and spread so well.

Be that as it may, they are a sweet and colourful reminder of my childhood: where I lived when I was small.

It was near the city, and gardens were not in abundance.

There hardy plants soldiered on, year after year, dying back over winter: to return again every Spring.

They are quite intriguing. They open their petals to show their lovely colours only when the light is not too bright. Hence their name: Four o’clocks.

Four o'clocks

Four o’clocks

I’m sure that there’s another title that purists give them, but to me this fits the bill nicely.

Do they grow where you live?

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Welcome : Australia Day Blog Hop

24 Jan
My fifth title

My fifth title

Welcome to this special event!

The wonderful book blogger, Shelleyrae, has organised this Blog Hop as part of our Australia Day celebration!

Let’s support our own Aussie authors!

Be sure to visit Book’d Out! There’s a list of exciting blogs for you to enjoy! And prizes to win!
Would you like to win a copy of one of my titles?
Open to Australian residents, just leave a comment and say yours is an Australian address (for postal purposes)  for you chance to win a paperback copy of my fifth book, ’60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences’. It’s an easy to read look at life through the eyes of an Australian female Baby-boomer.
Everyone (and by that I mean overseas and Australian readers)  is eligible to win the runner-up prizes. Just leave a comment!
Six  entries drawn will win a PDF of ‘Encore’, my sixth collection of Australian Short Stories.
Four entries will win a PDF of the well-reviewed collection of romantic vignettes, ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’.
A further  four will win a PDF of the romance  ‘Lauren Played’, my latest work. It’s short and engaging!
Entries close midnight 28th January 2014.
First prize winner will be announced on February 3.
Be sure to visit other participating Australian blogs! Exciting prizes on offer! You could be a winner!
Best of luck!

The Bats in the Night Sky

24 Jan
Bats in the sky

Bats in the sky

Bats in the night sky. A sight unfamiliar to me.

Recently, Ron and I had dinner at a club in Tempe, not too far from the city of Sydney. It was a short walk back to our car, and on the way my eyes turned skywards. And then I saw them…

Bats! A colony of them, making their way in the cloudy, ever-darkening sky.

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As Christmas Becomes a Memory…

23 Jan

Four weeks have passed since Christmas Day.

Memories– of get-togethers with family and friends, of gifts, and maybe of spiritual contemplation –perhaps still hold a special place in our consciousness.

Recently at the local bushland park I observed the last of the Christmas Bush, fading away. Still lovely, though its cheerful glow had weakened in intensity.

And so, as one season passes, another comes into view.

Easter is just around the corner, and already the supermarkets are selling the first of the ever-popular Easter Buns.

I wonder will the Easter Bunny visit me? Visit you?

Love milk chocolate!

The remnants of Christmas Bush

The remnants of Christmas Bush

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