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Better Be Quick…

30 Jun
Ready for Take-off

Ready for Take-off

Better be quick…

This delightful Rainbow Lorikeet certainly has its eye on something.

I can almost see it taking off, swooping to the ground or perhaps an enticing flower.

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Cheeky Cocky!

29 Jun

2013_1212imagefacebook0208Without fail, I always find the sight of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos to be captivating.

They are such cheeky and engaging characters who seem to be relishing their life in the Australian bush.

Isn’t it hard not to smile at them?

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Time for Rest

28 Jun
Swallow at rest

Swallow at rest

Time for rest…

This pair of Welcome Swallows have alighted on the pontoon ladder.

I often watch these tiny birds in flight, and marvel at their speed and agility.

Sweet feathered creatures…

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What’s Going On?

27 Jun
Keeping watch...

Keeping watch…

What’s going on?

This Rainbow Lorikeet seems to be surveying the scene…

These parrots so often compete with the Cockatoos for the best nesting sites. Maybe there is something around that needs to be watched.

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A Heron in a Hurry…

26 Jun
A Heron in a Hurry

A Heron in a Hurry

A Heron in a hurry…

Maybe the bracing breeze has stirred him, but this sprightly White-faced Heron surely has vigour in his stride.


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Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

25 Jun
Let's Head for the Mangroves...

Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

Let’s head for the mangroves…

I can image this pair of Silver Gulls deciding on this course of action.

Low tide reveals so much.

Who knows what they will discover?

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Hello Up There!

24 Jun
What is it?

What is it?

Hello up there!

I wonder what our Chicki has spotted…

Likely contenders are gliding cockatoos and swooping magpies.

No wonder she gets so excited whenever she knows we’re going to the park. 🙂

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