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The Plover and the Seagull

27 Sep

They say birds of a feather flock together…

How true this seems. Here we have a Plover and a Seagull, backing away from each other on the shores of Sydney’s Georges River.

Sorry, but to see this photo you’ll have to go to another of my blogs.

Hope you enjoy it!

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The Wild Ducks in Springtime

13 Sep

There’s been an increase in the visibility of all birds in the local park since Spring has been in the air. From Cockatoos and Crimson Rosellas right through to water-birds such as Cormorants: all have been making their presence felt.

I’m glad to say that ducks have not been an exception to this rule. Most days now I see a pair (sometimes more). One of their favourite haunts is the shoreline, where they scour the area for food.

Please see Margaret’s Classic Posts for the photo. Although I’ve deleted a number of posts, I still haven’t got enough download… Sorry!

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Is This My Final Post Here? A Winter Sunset…

6 Sep
A Winter Sunset in Suburban Sydney, Australia

A Winter Sunset in Suburban Sydney, Australia

WordPress tells me my download space is all but used up. Some of you already know about my other blogs. They are mentioned in previous posts.

So, in the event that this is it *for here*, I thought I’d chose something appropriate: a winter sunset…

It’s only in winter that we in Sydney are treated to such wonderful colours. This is a view from a street near our home.


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