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A Rainbow Lorikeet Is Looking at Me – And Countdown Deals Keep on Coming…

27 Mar

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Here's looking at you - a Rainbow Lorikeet Here’s looking at you – a Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets are often seen in our local park, and those of us who keep a camera on hand find them hard to resist.

Their colours are so bright and varied- small wonder that their name reflects this.

They’re friendly, too, and I often see them nibbling at the tidbits willingly supplied by picnickers.


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On another note, three of my eBooks will be available as Countdown deals on Amazon Kindle over the next week or two.

‘Amelia’s Call’, the story of a couple of newlyweds who find that life has dealt them a difficult hand, will be on sale from 28th March till April 4.

‘Sisters and Rivals’, a tale of two sisters who are different as chalk and cheese, will be reduced in price from March 31 till April 7.

‘Whatever it Takes’, a love story that spans two…

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A Tasty Morsel in Hand: A Cocky’s Delight

21 Mar

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The sight of cockatoos always draws my eye. How happy I was the day I spotted this handsome bird, a tasty green morsel in hand…

Sometimes they flock by the river where I swim. Other times, they chose more precarious spots such as by the roadside in the park. Fortunately there is a very low speed limit!


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P.S. Update on the Countdown deal of ‘Uncertain Love’. I’m delighted to say that seven copies were downloaded in the UK, and two in the US. This is the second-best result I’ve ever had! Huge thanks to all those who supported it!

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A Wet Kookaburra and a Countdown Deal!

14 Mar

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It’s been unseasonably warm for Autumn here in Sydney, Australia, and what better way to cool off than splashing around in cool water…

This charming icon of Australian bird-life, the Laughing Kookaburra, is drying himself off after just such an experience in the little pool under the water bubbler in our local park.


In other news, my recently released title, ‘Uncertain Love’, has received its second review – this time from respected Goodreads librarian Marianne. And she liked it very much. _She’s also known as Cloggie Down Under). As luck would have it, this title is also right now a Countdown deal in the US and UK. Please spread the word, and help it make its very first sale!

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Uncertain Love

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The Miracle of Four O’Clocks

7 Mar

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Four O'clocks Four O’clocks

I don’t remember a time when Four O’Clocks were not a part of my life. I confess that my fascination with them was even greater when I was a child – I guess familiarity has a way of dulling the sense of awe and wonder that such things arouse when one first encounters them as a very young child. I wondered then, as I on a rare occasion wonder now, how on earth do they know the time, and herald it in a glorious show of their formerly concealed, absolutely brilliant, interior colours…

Perhaps it isn’t so surprising that they have survived in my psyche as one of the joys of summer and early autumn, here in Sydney, Australia. They grow like weeks in our yard – never needing attention, and quite capable of unwanted spreading – though in their defense, they are far less invasive then many…

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