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Our New Camellia: ‘Great Eastern’ in Flower!

30 May

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2015_0922imagefacebook0085Last winter, I made major renovations to our front garden – dispensing completely with grass, and adding (among other things) two new camellias.

The ‘Great Eastern’ variety has proved to be a winner, with beautiful, long-lasting blooms in a delightful, deep rose shade.


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Such Brilliant Colours! Crimson Rosella

22 May

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Such Brilliant Colours!

These wonderful members of the parrot family are not nearly as common-place in our local park as either of their relatives, Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.

But lately, I’ve had the pleasure of spotting one or two. and it’s always impossible to resist taking a photo (or several, if the birds will co-operate).

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So Elegant: Reflections of a White-faced Heron

1 May

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They say that familiarity breed contempt, but in this case I disagree. The sight of these elegant birds so often compels me to reach for my camera. White-faced Herons seem to prefer to keep their own company, for almost always they are on their own.

This photo was taken at our local baths on Sydney’s Georges River.

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