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It’s Wisteria Time!

18 Sep

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Here in Sydney, Australia, it’s wisteria time! Though it isn’t as easy to spot as it was years ago, there are still houses around that feature it in their gardens. Our home is old – being built almost one hundred years ago, and the wisteria in our yard might well have been planted way back then. It has definitely graced our springtime for over half a century. I remember it in flower as a small child.

While its flowers are delightful, the perfume that accompanies them is also worthwhile.


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Springtime: Blossom Time

11 Sep

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One of the loveliest aspects of springtime must surely be the flowering of exquisitely beautiful blossom, often complimented by its sweet perfume.2015_0922imagefacebook0078

Here is a photograph of one that is flowering in the street, just a few houses away from our home. I think it is a Crab-apple.

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And Now for the Big Announcement

6 Sep

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And now for the big announcement…

After writing and publishing for just on six years,  I’ve finally tasted success.

My twentieth title, the Jane Austen fan fiction work entitled ‘Longbourn Revisited’, has today been awarded an Amazon Best Seller flag.

Thank you to all my supporters and well-wishers who kept on visiting my blogs and dispensing encouragement!Screenshot_2016-09-05-23-19-44-0114060354_1776488029299331_1192375809_o (1)

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The House That I Grew Up In…

3 Sep

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2008_03020220This is a painting I did about eight years ago of the house that I grew up in. It was located quite near the city of Sydney, and wasn’t far from a very busy thoroughfare. Its most impressive feature, to my young mind, was the staircase that led from the street to the front verandah. Sometimes, at night, we would sit outside and look up at the moon and stars. We seemed to be quite high off the street. Funny how age changes our perceptions…

Sadly, the house was demolished a few years ago.

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