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Free for a Day: ‘Lady Catherine’s Lover’

26 Oct

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Free now! (16)What twists will be revealed that colour the past of the lover of Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Will Darcy’s revelations to Her Ladyship thwart the path of love?
This is a quirky addition to Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp’s series of JAFF short stories.


For one day only – 26th October, 2018 – this rather controversial  3,500 word short story will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

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Happy Birthday, Chicki!

6 Oct

Chicki turns eight today!!

margaret lynette sharp

Chicki’s 2nd birthday


It’s not every day our little girl turns two!

Her day started with a much-loved present: a brand new rope toy, which instantly found its way between her teeth, where she held it for what seemed as long as possible  for a little Maltese.

After breakfast, we’re off to the park for a stroll on the promenade, and a sniff around the distant beach.

Time to head home, but, surprisingly we all hear a chorus: Happy Birthday to You! Sure, it was meant for someone else, but we added our Chicki’s name, and it became the perfect end to her special day out.

Happy Birthday, Chicki!

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