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Why I Like Books

18 Aug

Nothing could ever replace books in my life, as a source of knowledge and pleasure.

Books are my old friends; being brought up in the age before computers were in vogue, they were my most respected source of interest and information. What did I want for Christmas? Always, books figured high on the list, irrespective of whether I was six, sixteen or an adult.

The great thing about books is that you can take them almost anywhere, and re-read them at your leisure. Sure, you can do this pretty much with computers, too, but somehow the look of the words and pictures on paper holds a special appeal. Easier on the eyes, too!

I also love the way you can read a book, and then see the film, or series, of it through a different perspective. Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is a good example of this. Having read this book many times, and visualized the appearance of the characters, it became quite enthralling to see what the makers of this production had done with it.  My feeling is that the series  as shown on television is an absolute masterpiece, and that Miss Austen would be thoroughly delighted  to see it.

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Another great thing about books is the way it helps in the bonding of kids and parents, grandparents, and so on. One of life’s simple yet profound delights must surely be to read to a child, and to see their happy faces as the story unfolds.