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‘Long and Short Australian Stories’ is Here!

17 Apr


Our sixth volume of Short Stories, entitled ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’, is set to find its way onto bookshelves. Written by myself, Margaret Lynette Sharp, like all the others, this book is edited by my husband  Ronald Sharp B.E.M., the creator of the Grand Organ in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Set in contemporary Australia, this volume differs from the other collections of Short Stories that I have written in a couple of ways.

The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in setting out, which is aimed at making the stories even easier to read.

The second difference lies in the length and structure of the first and last stories. Each is relatively lengthy, and spans a number of years, giving greater depth to the tales.

The third difference  is that there is no link between the first and last stories: the signature of the ‘Life and Love in Australia’ series.  However, I’m hoping the quality of the work makes up for any disappointment by readers on this score.

As an Australian author, I’m proud to say that this book is listed by the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012, and is also mentioned on the ‘Friends of the National Year of reading 2012’ page.

Just released on April 11 this year, why not be amongst the first in the world to discover this new addition to Australian contemporary literature?

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Time to Share my Secret

17 Feb

Fellow writers and readers alike, it’s time I shared my secret. I’m writing my sixth book!

Very quietly, I’ve been plugging away;  searching for inspiration, rejoicing when it turned to reality.

What a buzz it is when something turns out just right: when your ideas gel, and evolve into an engrossing read.

Are you your harshest critic? If so, doesn’t that double your delight?

In sweeping away the inevitable self doubts that, I guess, creep into even the most competent and confident authors, doesn’t a successful outcome go a long way to re-charging our batteries: re-igniting our enthusiasm?

Energized yet relaxed, I look forward to the fulfillment of yet another literary project.

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