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Still Out: Flannel Flowers

14 Dec

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Flannel Flower Flannel Flower

The Flannel Flowers that grow in the local bushland park are still in bloom, and brighten the day for those who see them. They seem to particularly thrive beside the roadside – a bonus for those who travel through. With a speed limit of twenty kilometres an hour, there’s opportunity to see them, and reason to pause…

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What a Display! West Australian Red-flowering Gum

28 Jan
West Australian Flowering Red Gum

West Australian Red- flowering  Gum

Here in Sydney, some varieties of the magnificent West Australian Red-flowering Gum are still in bloom. Lately, I’ve seen several beautiful pink and rose-coloured varieties displaying their lovely flowers.

This particular one, however, has sadly had its day. I’m looking forward to early Summer this year so that, once again, we can all witness its glory. And don’t the Rainbow Lorikeets love them…

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P.S. This photo was taken some weeks ago.

Bright and Beautiful Bottlebrush

21 Jan
Bright and beautiful Bottlebrush

Bright and beautiful Bottlebrush

The flowers of  the Bottlebrush are unique, stunning, and cheerful.

Take this wonderful example. Isn’t it a delightful colour? Doesn’t it catch the light in such a charmiong way?


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Still in Bloom: Western Australian Red-flowering Gums

11 Jan
Western Australian Red-flowering Gum

Western Australian Red-flowering Gum

I really love these trees! They’re becoming more common in Sydney as more and more people are captivated by their beautiful colours and form. They’re often grown in front gardens, and sometimes as street trees. The owner of a most magnificent specimen told me of the difficulty he had in persuading the local authorities to give him permission to plant one in the nature strip. Thanks goodness he won the battle!


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Wildflowers of Australia: Flannel Flowers

13 Nov
Flannel Flowers in the breeze

Flannel Flowers in the breeze

Right now, the Flannel Flowers are in bloom. Every time I visit the local bushland park, I see their lovely, daisy-like flowers.

They seem to be very choosy in  where they will grow. The greatest number here are beside the road, though there a few clumps in the broader bushland. Their heads bob about in the breeze.


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Wildflowers of Australia: Simply Beautiful!

12 Oct


Flannel flowers

There’s something special about wildflowers. In essence, it’s that they are as nature intended: not meddled with by human hands. Therefore, their beauty is intrinsic, not cultivated.

Here, I’ve chosen two entirely different types to show you. First,  Lomandra, with the river in the background. I’ll admit they have almost certainly been planted: nevertheless they are rather unusual, attractive and useful natives. Their impressive spikes offer important protection for wildlife, and their flowers exude a kind of subtle beauty, along with an unusual perfume.

Second, the genuine article: Flannel flowers, scattered here and there, with Mother Nature as their guide.Their grey leaves blend perfectly with their cream-coloured flowers. Interestingly, their ‘petals’ are not what they seem: they’re actually bracts surrounding clusters of insignificant flowers. Perhaps surprisingly, Flannel Flowers are related to carrots and celery!

As I go through our native park-lands, I’ll keep my eyes open for other awesome Australian wildflowers to show you!