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A Wonderful Sight – West Australian Red-Flowering Gums!

6 Dec

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2014_0109imagefacebook0089One of my very favourite Australian native trees is now in flower! I’m speaking of the West Australian Red-flowering Gum.

Although Sydney, N.S.W., is not their original home, these delightful plants have adapted perfectly to this environment, and right now there is a wonderful assortment of colours (all in shades of red) in flower.

Here is one of the brightest, growing in a garden near to our home.


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What a Display! West Australian Red-flowering Gum

28 Jan
West Australian Flowering Red Gum

West Australian Red- flowering  Gum

Here in Sydney, some varieties of the magnificent West Australian Red-flowering Gum are still in bloom. Lately, I’ve seen several beautiful pink and rose-coloured varieties displaying their lovely flowers.

This particular one, however, has sadly had its day. I’m looking forward to early Summer this year so that, once again, we can all witness its glory. And don’t the Rainbow Lorikeets love them…

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P.S. This photo was taken some weeks ago.

Bright and Beautiful Bottlebrush

21 Jan
Bright and beautiful Bottlebrush

Bright and beautiful Bottlebrush

The flowers of  the Bottlebrush are unique, stunning, and cheerful.

Take this wonderful example. Isn’t it a delightful colour? Doesn’t it catch the light in such a charmiong way?


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A Different Perspective

8 Jul

What a difference perspective makes!

This is a scene I see nearly every day, but from a different perspective.

Normally the trees are on one side of my vision, and the river quite definitely on the other.

So by searching around for a new angle, I came up with a picture that is to me quite unfamiliar.

By the river

By the river

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An Old Tree in the Australian Bush

23 Feb
Impressive example of an Angophora costata

Impressive example of an Angophora costata

We live near an important and delightful area of unspoilt Australian bush.

In addition to the birds, reptiles, marine-life and other animals, there are many wonderful mature trees, and I love to admire them.

This one has the most beautiful coloured bark. It’s called a Smooth-barked Apple (Angophora costata). As you can see, it’s a large, spreading tree.

Just another of the many treasures to be found in the Australian  bush.

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Do You Love This Australian Native?

3 Sep

Do you love this Australian native?

I hasten to add it’s one of my favourites.

Its botanical name is Epacris Longiflora, though many call it Fuchsia Heath, and it grows wild in the bushland park where Chicki and I take our daily walk.

Right now it’s near its peak, and is a true sights for sore eyes, especially when its captured by the light.

Closely related to the spectacular floral emblem of Victoria,  Epacris Impressa,  for my money its beauty is hard to surpass.

What do you think?

Epacris Longiflora

Epacris Longiflora

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