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A Rainbow Lorikeet Is Looking at Me – And Countdown Deals Keep on Coming…

27 Mar

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Here's looking at you - a Rainbow Lorikeet Here’s looking at you – a Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets are often seen in our local park, and those of us who keep a camera on hand find them hard to resist.

Their colours are so bright and varied- small wonder that their name reflects this.

They’re friendly, too, and I often see them nibbling at the tidbits willingly supplied by picnickers.


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On another note, three of my eBooks will be available as Countdown deals on Amazon Kindle over the next week or two.

‘Amelia’s Call’, the story of a couple of newlyweds who find that life has dealt them a difficult hand, will be on sale from 28th March till April 4.

‘Sisters and Rivals’, a tale of two sisters who are different as chalk and cheese, will be reduced in price from March 31 till April 7.

‘Whatever it Takes’, a love story that spans two…

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