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Attention, Lovers of Nostalgia…

25 May

Attention, lovers of  nostalgia! Two sweet stories set in the 1950’s are begging for your attention – and right now, the price is fantastic!

First: ‘Love Denied’, one of my personal favourites. Currently, it’s a Countdown deal in both the US and UK.

Second: ‘Love Returned’, a short but sweet sequel to the above. Right now, it’s free! And, would you believe, it’s a 2017 release!

Happy Reading!

Misty River…

24 Jul

Margaret's Classic Posts

Mists fascinate me, and none more than mists over water.

So peaceful…

Here is a photograph of just such as event, taken at our local baths on the Georges River in Sydney, Australia.


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p.s Please watch for the announcement of the release of my latest novella!2015_1107imagefacebook0279

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Another Post from Chicki!

13 Jul


Hello to all my fans! I’m so happy to report that Mummy has finally yielded to my urgent demands and once again given me access to her blog. And about time, too! I’m sure all of you must have been out of sorts, so long have you been waiting and hoping for my triumphant return…

Doubtless you’ll be relieved to know that life has been treating me pretty well. I’ve made some new doggy friends on my daily walks to the park, as well as keeping up my acquaintance with old comrades such as Sasha, the frisbee-catching canine. Sasha thinks she’s a star performer: just quietly, she told me she loves an audience.

And well she might, for I also admit to liking to be the centre of attention ( as I so often am, doubtless due to my irresistible good looks and delightful manners).  I am, however, very choosy as to who I’ll allow to pat my gorgeous head, and Mummy dutifully adheres to my strict instructions on this matter. She knows just who’s in charge…

So now, I’ll bid you all adieu (that’s French, not Maltese, by the way). Until next time…

Love from Chicki Rose Sharp xxx

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Chicki in the Bush

15 Jun
Chicki in the Bush

Chicki in the Bush

The highlight of Chicki’s day is, without a doubt, her visit to the bushland park that is just a short drive from our home.

It takes a while for us to walk down the hill to see the water, because our journey is frequently interrupted by her sniffing stops. She never hurries over these…

Lately she has made a couple of new friends of the doggy variety. One is a sweet little girl, Maltese just like Chicki, who has been recently adopted from an animal shelter. These two seem destined for friendship. They are the same age, and both know what it’s like to be waiting for a new start…

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In The Wind: The Baths at their Blustery Peak…

2 Jun
In the wind...

In the wind…

Much of the time, the local swimming baths are a study in calmness. Mirror-like reflections delight the eye. But now and then, a strong wind brings with it a total change of mood, and makes life harder for those who brave the water…

Here’s a photo, taken at the height of such a weather event.

Feeding the Birds…

18 Feb
Feeding the birds...

Feeding the birds…

Today, I’m going back in time to winter a few years ago. I’m on the promenade of the river baths, feeding the birds…

The ducks and Silver Gulls compete fiercely for the treats, with the gulls usually winning.

Experts tell us to refrain from feeding these wild birds, but I don’t suppose that the occasional crumb will do too much harm.

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And a reminder to please visit my other site for more photos and words. 🙂

Still in Bloom: Western Australian Red-flowering Gums

11 Jan
Western Australian Red-flowering Gum

Western Australian Red-flowering Gum

I really love these trees! They’re becoming more common in Sydney as more and more people are captivated by their beautiful colours and form. They’re often grown in front gardens, and sometimes as street trees. The owner of a most magnificent specimen told me of the difficulty he had in persuading the local authorities to give him permission to plant one in the nature strip. Thanks goodness he won the battle!


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Australian Bushland Scene

10 Jan

Here’s an Australian scene.

Australian bush

Australian bush

This shot was taken in the local bushland park in suburban Sydney, and shows plenty of Flannel Flowers in bloom.

They’re still out, months after they started. Simply beautiful!

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21 Nov
Rainbow Lorikeet peekingf rom  behind the Old Man Banksia

Rainbow Lorikeet peeking from behind the Old Man Banksia


Is that in the mind of this Rainbow Lorikeet as it peeks out from behind a Banksia flower?

This is Australian bush at its engaging best!

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That Looks Tasty!

4 Sep

Kookaburras are renowned for grabbing left-overs.

At least this guy has made a healthy (and colourful) choice!

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Kookaburra's Choice!

Kookaburra’s Choice!