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Blossom Time

12 Oct
Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

Here in Sydney, Australia, the Spring blossoms are starting to fade, and unfortunately some have completely dropped off their branches.

Here’s a pretty, street specimen growing near our home. The flowers are still hanging on. 🙂

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More Springtime Blossoms…

27 Oct


Springtime Blossoms

Springtime Blossoms

I cannot allow Springtime to pass without showing readers these lovely blossoms.

They grow quite near our home.

Many years ago, our neighbours planted a pair of these beautiful trees on the nature strip.

They explained that they wanted to ‘leave something behind’: a legacy of their time.

Just a few years later, these people moved on, but just as they had predicted, these living reminders grew and flourished.

So right now, all those who pass by can pause and admire their delicate colours and form.

Please enjoy this little glimpse.


Blossoms: The Crowning Jewels of Spring!

11 Sep
Red Spring Blossom

Red Spring Blossom

I love blossoms!

Surely they, above all other flowers, are the crowning jewels of Springtime.

They delight not just our eyes, but also our noses. Their sweet scent so often is as spectacular as their flowers.

True, their flowering season is often quite short, and during winter most are quite bare of leaves.

But, come the start of the warmer weather, more than the buzzing bees greet their flowering with true delight.

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia

Spring is Here!

30 Aug

I’d scarcely taken a few steps outside when it hit me: the air seemed different, was different. Why? Spring is here!

With every breath, my brain became infused by perfume, sweet and heady. From street to street, the same lingering scent abounded.

I turned my eyes from side to side, seeing trees laden with blossoms pink and rose. Once in a while, my gaze found its mark at near-ground level; the fragrant freesias had done their bit, too.

Yes, Spring is here, so make the most of it, before the punishing winds arrive!

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