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See Sasha Perform!

23 Aug

One of Chicki’s  most talented friends is Sasha, the Frisbee-catching dog.

Frisbees have been a part of Sasha’s life for many, many years. She’s ten, now, but showing few signs of slowing down.

Here’s an action shot of her mid air!


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Sasha in mid air!

Sasha in mid air!


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After the Bath: Chicki’s Revenge….

12 Sep
Turning the other cheek....

Turning the other cheek….

I always wanted coloured legs, and now I've got them.....

I always wanted coloured legs, and now I’ve got them…..

Like many canines, Chicki’s list of preferred activities does not include the bath-time ritual , though admittedly she does get some mileage out of the chase that usually precedes it.  Outsmarting Mummy is great fun: or so she seems to be thinking….

Inevitably, though, the procedure goes ahead, and at length she emerges:  clean, white, and sweet-smelling.

She is , however, becoming increasingly reluctant to admit defeat, and lately she has found an answer, as these photos clearly show….

How dare she do this to me....

How dare she do this to me….