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Lucky Cat: Part 2

20 Oct

Here’s an update on ‘Lucky Cat’, published some weeks ago.

Doubtless, the Lucky Cat has added our names to its list of friends, since a few days ago it invited itself into our home.

Silently, mesmerisingly, it headed for our bedroom.Its black, sleek tail swayed. And then, it jumped! Right onto our dressing-table!

I reached for the lamp as I saw it in danger of being knocked over by our uninvited guest. Puss apparently perceived that as a cue to stroll gracefully across to the other end.

What to do?

Unused to cats, I hesitated.

Finally, I picked Lucky up, and moved her on. Outside.

Undeterred, she tried again, but this time we were too fast, and closed the wire door.

Today, she’s back again, out the front, soaking up the sun.

Lucky cat!

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Lucky Cat

22 Sep

Little by little, a neighbour’s cat has adopted Ron and me as friends. For months, it’s hung around our front garden, often sneaking onto the verandah, and curling up.

Its sleek black coat made it hard to see at night, and more than once I don’t know who was more surprised: puss or me: when our paths crossed under the starlight.

Today, I stroked it for the first time, and it seemed to luxuriate with pleasure, coming back later for a second helping. It even ventured into our hallway when the door was briefly left ajar.

Cats decide who they like, and it seems that the beautiful black furry girl has chosen us!

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