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Another Post from Chicki!

13 Jul


Hello to all my fans! I’m so happy to report that Mummy has finally yielded to my urgent demands and once again given me access to her blog. And about time, too! I’m sure all of you must have been out of sorts, so long have you been waiting and hoping for my triumphant return…

Doubtless you’ll be relieved to know that life has been treating me pretty well. I’ve made some new doggy friends on my daily walks to the park, as well as keeping up my acquaintance with old comrades such as Sasha, the frisbee-catching canine. Sasha thinks she’s a star performer: just quietly, she told me she loves an audience.

And well she might, for I also admit to liking to be the centre of attention ( as I so often am, doubtless due to my irresistible good looks and delightful manners).  I am, however, very choosy as to who I’ll allow to pat my gorgeous head, and Mummy dutifully adheres to my strict instructions on this matter. She knows just who’s in charge…

So now, I’ll bid you all adieu (that’s French, not Maltese, by the way). Until next time…

Love from Chicki Rose Sharp xxx

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Caught in the Rain

14 Mar
Chicki in the rain

Chicki in the rain

Yesterday, both Chicki and I were caught in the rain.

Sydney’s seemingly endless summer suddenly disappeared, replaced by cool southerlies and showers.

Not to be deterred, I still managed my morning swim in the still-warm river.

Here’s Chicki in her wet weather gear. I wonder what she’s thinking?

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Watching the World Go By

4 Jan

Chicki is now four years old, and she is becoming more and more patient. Today she sat quietly while the swimming races were on, even though she was left by herself for a little while.

Here’s a photo of her, patiently watching from one of the swimming club chairs. 🙂

Patient Chicki

Patient Chicki

By The River : Chicki’s Destiny

30 Sep

I’m sure that Chicki loves to visit the river. Her excitement at seeing her car harness is overwhelming. She’s turned it into a game of ‘catch me if you can’, but all this is forgotten if she sees me pretending to go out the door without her. 🙂

She has several doggy friends down there, but even without their presence she still finds plenty of interesting sights and smells to keep her happy.

Chicki by the river

Chicki by the river



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Chicki in the Spring

12 Sep

Our Maltese Chicki likes nothing better than to visit our local park with us, and walk along the sand  — ever alert for new and exciting smells.




However, she doesn’t seem to mind giving this hobby a rest and trying her other penchant: posing.

Now that there are so many lovely Spring wildflowers in bloom, there’s an even sweeter background for her photograph.


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Chicki On The Rock

31 Jul
Chicki, Posing :)

Chicki, Posing 🙂

I may be biased, but one of my favourite sights is our little girl Chicki. Add to that the scene of one of my favourite places, and what have we got? For my money, a lovely picture!

I hope that you all agree 🙂

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Chicki Looks Ahead

6 May

Chicki looks ahead, upwards and onwards…

Here she is at one of her favourite spots, down by the river. And does she love to go there! After every visit, she thanks her Daddy for taking her by going up to him and making a sign: sometimes a look, a touch, or a lick.

Happy times 🙂

Chicki at her favourite place

Chicki at her favourite place

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Chicki’s Post Number Two

12 Mar
Chicki (that's me) waiting

Chicki (that’s me) waiting

That's Mummy and me by the river

That’s Mummy and me by the river

My Mummy is *so* lazy!

Once again, without a hint of warning, or even a treat to butter me up, she has handed me the computer and expects me to do *her* thing…


Well, I’ll spill the beans and *show* you what she does!

Picture this. It’s early morning, bright and clear. I’m supposed to be out and about with her: walking, sniffing, marking my spots, wagging my tail and saying ‘yap’ to my friends.  But all of a sudden, she stops paying attention to *me* and reaches for the big black box that lives in a pouch  hanging  around her neck. I think she calls it a camera.

Well, that’s  alright when she points it at me. In fact, I’m honoured: she adores me!

But lately she’s been *tying me up* and snapping away. And, would you believe it, *not at me*!

Sometimes she even leaves me to fend for myself for as long as *five* minutes! What an insult! What an Insult!

But, calm down… She *does* return…

And I suppose one must try to forgive and  forget. After all, we’re still together to  enjoy the rest of our day down by the river. Daddy is waiting for us in the shade of a gum-tree. 🙂

It’s a dog’s life…

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Chicki’s Post

13 Feb
Chicki at home...

Chicki at home…

At last, Mummy has let *me* have a guest post!

What better thing to show you all is *my backyard*!

This is my own personal domain. I can do what I like. I can sniff where I like. I can do my jobs, big or small, where I like. I can run and play chasing, or just relax.

And I never think back to my former life where Mummy and Daddy found me, living in a pound. Well, maybe I do in quiet moments, but it all seems so long ago…

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Another Day, Another Beach…

29 Dec

Another day, another beach…

Is that what’s in Chicki’s mind?

The neighbours must surely hear her excited barks as she waits for the opening of our car door.

My guess is that this little beach and all its enticing smells are the highlight of her day.

All in a (dog) day’s work, and play!

Chicki at the beach

Chicki at the beach

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