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It’s Still Out: Australian Christmas Bush!

15 Jan

Christmas 2013 has been and gone, but here in Sydney, the bushes that we so often chose for Christmas decoration are hanging onto their cheerful colours.

If I remember correctly, the little red flowers are not flowers at all. They’re bracts. The true flowers precede them, small and insignificant, and are a not very attractive shade of white or cream.

Beside the river, and in our front garden, these mature and charming displays of Christmas cheer are still a vivid reminder of the recent festive season.

Australian Christmas Bush

Australian Christmas Bush


Is it only forty-nine weeks till Christmas Day, 2014?

It’s Christmas!

20 Dec

Mother nature has sent us a reminder that it’s Christmas-time here in Australia.

The Christmas bush has coloured up, its rustic orange-red flower-shaped bundles are out. Not just in the native bushland. No. Many old homes have lovely specimens growing in their gardens.

We are very lucky, Ron and I, since we have a showy, Christmas display in our front garden. Every year, a very old, stunted tree planted long before my time, rises to the occasion and rewards our neighbourhood with its symbol of Yuletide.

And more! Our side passage is graced by several, equally old but much larger trees. Doubtless, many passer-byes catch more than a glimpse of its cheerful colour.

Merry Christmas!

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