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What Makes a Collector?

18 Sep

Doubtless, collecting, and therefore collectors, goes back a long way.

When I was a child, my fascination with both postage stamps and coins compelled me to collect.

Gleefully, I’d soak (or steam) used stamps off any envelopes that arrived at my address.  What a joy it was when overseas specimens arrived!  My delight at the stamps far outweighed any considerations at hearing from far-away relatives and friends!

One of my high-school teachers learned of my collection, and rewarded each of my assignments with two or three foreign postage stamps.  Doubtless, this carried with it a positive influence on my opinion of school-work.

Coins, on the other hand, were easy to come by, if you had some spare pocket-money.  Pennies and half-pennies were in circulation, and eagerly I checked the dates on each.  Like many others, I searched unsuccessfully for the rare,  elusive 1930 penny: worth a small fortune, the newspapers reported.

In time, I grew up, and all but forgot about my once-loved interests.

Friends have shown me their various collections: dolls, figurines, shells, toys, books: you name it.  No matter what they chose, collectors all seem to have one thing in common: an overwhelming fascination for their subject that often transcends the bounds of moderation.

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