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A Springtime Sunset in Sydney

22 Oct

Silhouettes on the sunset

Sydney sunset in Spring

Sunsets have always fascinated me. Years ago,  a  superb view was ours without effort: through a back window, with a picturesque gum tree in the foreground.

Sadly, those days are long gone: redevelopment has seen to that: and what remains are mere glimpses.

Fortunately, tonight, a glimpse of red catches my eye, and I do what I’d never done before.

Camera in hand, I speed around the block to a series of vantage points,  and almost breathlessly try my luck. As a mere  onlooker, the magnificence of the sky: its colours and patterns:  is awe-inspiring.

Scientists write dispassionately about how it all comes about: through molecules, air particles, and light rays.

Somehow I prefer just to observe and admire  its glory.

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Here Comes Spring

19 Aug

Today, here in Sydney. Australia, the day outside is pretty dismal. The sky is overcast, the rain is threatening, the winds are almost howling. Yet, Spring is just around the corner.

One of the first signs of Spring is the blooming of the yellow wattle, which starts early on. Maybe it’s really more a sign of winter, but somehow we seem to associate the appearance of bright flowers with Spring.

The early flowering prunus come next; all the pinks, rosy reds, and white of the flowering plums and peaches. Then, we have crab-apples, in delicate hues; splendid magnolias, some with absolutely massive flowers in shades of pink, purple-wine, and off-white. The wisteria comes into its own in mid to late September, and then we’re treated to displays of glorious lilac tones, enhanced by equally glorious perfume. But alas! Their glory is short lived; the spring winds come along, and hurry them away. And so, all we have left is the memory, and the promise of another display, next Spring.

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