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Cronulla Beach: a Gem of Sydney

4 Mar

Every so often, Ron, Chicki and I spend some time enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Cronulla Beach.

From the delightful walks that  can be taken on the promenade or along the shore, to the welcome seats that offer panoramic views, to the pleasures of surfing, swimming or just paddling in the ocean: visitors can have it all.

I spent many an hour here in my childhood. It was a favourite destination for family outings.

On another note, part of my latest title, the short work ‘Lauren Played’, is set here.


The Ocean Beckons: Cronulla Beach

The Ocean Beckons: Cronulla Beach

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Life’s a Beach…

24 Mar

Sydney has some world-class beaches, and for my money, Cronulla, both north and south, is up there with the finest. Small wonder then that I’ve chosen it as a setting for one of the stories in my next, soon to be published book.

A perfect autumn day: clear blue sky, mild to warm temperatures, only a hint of a breeze: draws the crowds outdoors.

As we sit this afternoon on Cronulla’s beach-side promenade,watching the world go by, I am once again struck by both the natural beauty of the sea and the vibrant atmosphere the passer byes create.

There is plenty to observe: crashing waves, spectators, surfers, swimmers, and well-behaved canines of all varieties: to name just a few.

Above all, the vastness of the ocean against the horizon breeds a special kind of tranquility and happiness in me.

Life is good.

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