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Can You Live Without Television?

21 Aug

One of the advantages of being of a certain age is that I can actually remember living without a television.

Granted, I was very young, probably about six years old when our first one arrived. It was a true status symbol, very expensive. About two month’s wages, if my memory serves me correctly.  No; I can’t actually relate the cost as told on the precise day it came: simply, I was too young to take real note: but within our family, the subject cropped up in later life, and the price tag sure seemed hefty.  Particularly since the damn thing had a dodgy vertical hold, and we spent half our lives adjusting it!

Enough of reminiscing!  Could You live today without the box, screen, t.v., or whatever you wish to call it?  Well, my guess is,  it would be very challenging! Old habits die hard, and switching on the television has become as routine as brushing your teeth!  What with early morning programs, lunch-time episodes, dinner-time delights (and horrors), early night, late night, and all night shows, wouldn’t our lives seem strangely incomplete without it?  Would it not be akin to losing most of your friends in one fell swoop?

Yes, I believe it’s possible to survive it, but, oh, what a challenge!

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