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FREE: Short Stories

27 Jul

Need cheering up? This collection of uplifting, Australian short stories is free now, and will be for the next forty-eight hours. Amazon Kindle.

Drying its Wings: A Little Black Cormorant

21 Jul
Little Black Cormorant

Little Black Cormorant

Maybe because it’s midwinter, I often spot Little Black Cormorants,  wings outstretched – drying off in the sunshine. Nearly every day I see a flock of them perched atop the shark-proof net. En mass they are quite an impressive sight. I’ve even seen them interspersed with white Egrets. That is fantastic!

Enjoy this shot of a single bird as it rests.

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A New Review of ‘Encore’

5 Mar

Today I found a lovely new review of ‘Encore’, my sixth collection of romantic short stories.

Thanks, Jan!

Here’s the link

‘Encore’ is available on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback.