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Why Haven’t I Gone Grey?

22 Aug

My mother was about thirty-seven years years young when I arrived, and yet I never remember her having anything other than grey hair.

Clearly, she wasn’t delighted by it. I recall her frequent attempts with ‘rinses’ to disguise her natural colour, with limited success. After all, these were simply not potent enough to do the job.

Now, I admit to being a little older than the forty-odd that mother was in my earliest memory, and yet I have relatively few greys! Why?

Heredity doesn’t seem to be on my side; several family members went grey quite young.  On the other hand, members of the younger generation seem to be bucking the trend.  Why?

Lifestyle seems a likely candidate, but when I compare mine with those of my (also non-greying) peers,  I find so many differences that it seems hard to pinpoint the reasons.  Sure, I have exercised a great deal, but my counterparts generally seem  less energetic.

Is is diet? Mine is mixed, yet many of the others I’m talking about are vegetarians. Maybe, we all eat the same veges. I simply don’t know.

Fact is, given the value of knowledge, I’ll just have to keep searching for the answers!

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