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Memories of Last Summer…

3 Jul
Memories of Summer 2013-14

Memories of Summer 2013-14

It’s hard to believe that here in Sydney it’s officially mid winter.

Not that the past few weeks haven’t had more than a trace of it. The nights have been cold enough to warrant several woollen blankets. My guess is that sales of heaters, and even the old stand-by–the hot-water bottle– have soared.

Despite the change in seasons, Ron, Chicki and I have been visiting the local park just as often, enjoying hot coffee instead of cold soft-drinks. It makes a nice change.

Nevertheless, for today I have posted a photo of my hubby Ron, our adopted and adored little girl Chicki, and me–together by the river last Summer.

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Happy Moments: Reflections of Summer

15 Apr
Ron, Chicki and me

Ron, Chicki and me

In Sydney it’s mid-Autumn, and the weather has turned cool.

So it’s with a sense of anticipation of summers to come that I look back on the happy moments of previous ones.

Some of our happiest times have been spent down by the river.

Chicki loves it, and has many doggy friends with which to share a wag.

I hope that this family photo puts a smile on your face.

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What’s So Good About Family?

7 Feb

Last weekend, my husband Ron and I spent quality time with my family.

‘Twas a  real ‘meeting of the clan’; literally dozens of relatives- from tots to seniors- all gathered around the barbie.

What made it so special? Firstly, given the commitments of everyday life, it’s a rare event to assemble together so many.  Secondly, which perhaps should have come first, the atmosphere was amazing:  full of love.

Genuine smiles, kind words, hugs and kisses abounded: family bonds, nurtured and strengthened.

It came as a shock to me, seeing how time’s passage had changed many individuals, and it’s impossible to say whether this is  starkest on the little ones, the middle aged, or the seniors. Yet, for a few  lucky ladies, it’s as though time had stood still: had ceased to operate visibly. Surely, life is treating them kindly!

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