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I Wish I Could Send You Its Perfume…

5 Apr

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2015_0727imagefacebook0113 I wish I could send you its perfume… There’s nothing quite like the incredibly heady aroma that radiates from this spectacular plant. It reminds me of my childhood. A magnificent specimen grew in the front yard of my aunt, and as a child I would collect the fallen flowers (which still retained their charm) and place them in a shallow bowl of water, for use as a table decoration.

The plant we have growing in our front garden here came from my own childhood home, but there it grew simply in a large pot. Soon after we moved here, my parents planted it, and it’s thrived!


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The First Taste of Spring

3 Aug


Although many commentators are saying that’s it’s mid-winter here in Sydney. Mother Nature seems to be sending a different message. The first of the Spring flowers are in bloom…

One of my favourites is the azalea. We have seven in our front garden, and at present, two are blooming.

Enjoy this first taste of a Spring in Sydney, Australia.

Still Out: Four O’Clocks!

2 Mar
Four O'Clock

Four O’Clocks

These rank high amongst my favourite early memories of flowers. They grew without attention in my childhood home near the city of Sydney. Fortunately, my parents brought a few tubers with us when we moved away, and so they have stayed with me all my life. These little flowers are commonly known as Four O’Clocks. They are not widely grown. Maybe gardeners are worried that they will spread too far, or perhaps they are unaware of their existence. I have seen reference to them in *one* gardening book (out of many). They come in a variety of colours, often two colours on the one flower (or even plant). Popular or not, I still love them! Copyright ©

Bright, Cheerful Pelargonium

22 Dec

I recently posted a photograph of a purple Pelargonium, and many people liked it. So today, I’m showing you another that I grow: this one, a gift from a close friend.


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They’re Out: Four O’Clocks!

19 Dec
Four O'Clocks

Four O’Clocks

When I was a small child I loved these little flowers that, as if by magic, opened every day at around four o’clock. They flowered in summer and autumn, and came in a variety of bright colours: sometimes, more than one colour on an individual plant. Hardly and prolific, they grew almost as weeds.

As an adult, I still love them, and look forward to seeing their unique flowers as the daylight begins to weaken. Of course, the introduction of Daylight Saving has changed their showtime to five…

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Blossom Time

12 Oct
Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

Here in Sydney, Australia, the Spring blossoms are starting to fade, and unfortunately some have completely dropped off their branches.

Here’s a pretty, street specimen growing near our home. The flowers are still hanging on. 🙂

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Flowers that Remind Me of Childhood

8 Oct


Certain flowers remind me of my childhood.

I grew up in an inner-city suburb of Sydney, where gardens were far less common than in the district where we now live.

In fact, I remember only a handful of flowers that grew in my childhood home: red geraniums, snowdrops, snapdragons of many colours,   red, pink and yellow four-o’clocks, and purple pelargoniums.

Here is a photo of a direct descendant of that original purple pelargonium. When we moved, we took slips, and so the plant, as well as the memory, lingers on.

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