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They’re Out: Four O’Clocks!

19 Dec
Four O'Clocks

Four O’Clocks

When I was a small child I loved these little flowers that, as if by magic, opened every day at around four o’clock. They flowered in summer and autumn, and came in a variety of bright colours: sometimes, more than one colour on an individual plant. Hardly and prolific, they grew almost as weeds.

As an adult, I still love them, and look forward to seeing their unique flowers as the daylight begins to weaken. Of course, the introduction of Daylight Saving has changed their showtime to five…

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Four O’Clocks: Here’s More!

4 Feb
Rose-red Four O'Clocks

Rose-red Four O’Clocks

Yellow-apricot Four O'Clocks

Yellow-apricot Four O’Clocks

So many people said how well they enjoyed my post about the Four O’Clocks of my childhood that I’ve decided to show some more of my recently-taken  pictures of them.

Their diversity of colour, and their marked habit of responding to the conditions of light, certainly grab my attention.

Aren’t they quite amazing plants?

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