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The Tropical Beauty of Frangipani

20 Dec
Pink Frangipani

Pink Frangipani

Frangipanis are unusual small trees: when bare, they resemble sculptures.

To my eye, they come into their own in summer, when they are in flower.

Here’s a photo of one that grows in our front yard.


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In the Pink: Frangipanis

2 Feb
Pink Frangipani

Pink Frangipani

Our glorious pink Frangipani  is  now in bloom.

It stands opposite the wonderfully-scented yellow and white variety that I featured in an earlier post.

The delightful, tropical feel that these striking flowers bring to a garden is magical!

But these are amazing plants, for in the winter, their bare, thick branches create an effect like sculpture.

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Fragrant Frangipani and Memories of Childhood

14 Jan

One of my most vivid childhood memories is participating in the delightful pastime of collecting the fallen flowers of the Frangipani tree.

The tree in question lived (and thrived) in the front garden of my Aunt and Uncle, who lived several doors down the street. It was in a suburb where gardens were small, and flowers of this quality were in short supply. Deliciously fragrant and pretty flowers were a treasure, especially through my childish eyes.

As time went by, my parents, sister and I moved away to the house where I currently live. Frangipanis all but disappeared from my life, until one day, Dad brought home a couple of small, bare trees. These he planted in our front garden.

This photo is of the variety identical to that of my Aunt and Uncle. The other specimen– a glorious pink– is also doing well.

Fragrant Frangipani

Fragrant Frangipani

I only wish that you could savour the perfume…

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