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Free on October 15 and 16: ‘Love, Now and Then’

15 Oct

Like sweet romance? Then, here’s an offer you’ll find hard to resist. For two days only, my two-work compilation is free to download on Amazon Kindle.

Free from 6th to 8th October, 2017: ‘Uncertain Love’

5 Oct

Like sweet romance? Looking for a short read? Then look no further! For three days only, my nostalgic novella, ‘Uncertain Love’, will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

FREE for One Day: Charlotte’s Lance and the Round Fable

23 Jul

I wrote this novella last year, and sadly, few people have chosen to read it. I guess there are so many books out there that readers are hard pressed to decide just which ones are worth their time, effort, and often, money.

For just one day, the 24th July, 2017, this eBook will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet romance, with environmental issues that make for a conflict of interest, then why¬† not give this story a try. For those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, it’s free to download at any time.