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Growing up: My Favourite Book

19 Aug

The fascination of today’s children with fantasy and excitement may seem a world apart from this, but the book I remember with affection from my early days is Louisa May Alcott’ s classic,’Little Women’.

Despite, or perhaps because of, its being set in the nineteenth century, I developed a real empathy with the young characters. Sisters Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, and their friend Laurie, all seemed so real and engaging. Beth and I both shared a love of music, each of us playing the piano, and her illness brought anguish into my young life.

It followed on, then, that I would devour ‘Good Wives’, its sequel; later I discovered, and read with pleasure, ‘Jo’s Boys.’ I recently discovered the existence of a fourth book, ‘Little Men’.

Yes, today’s love affair with fantasy has many followers, but somehow I still engage with the real people of yesteryear.

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