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My Favourite Sport

17 Aug

Without a doubt, swimming is my favourite sport.

In my mid-twenties I could barely swim, but with the help of some very good swimmers who coached me, I was able to compete at local club level within months of starting to learn. Two years of consistent training later, I could swim two hundred metres in three and a half minutes; in hindsight, a reasonable time under the circumstances.

My club introduced a one kilometre ( about eleven hundred yards) event almost eighteen years ago, and I have finished in this many times, winning it on handicap a few times. I always feel a sense of achievement: a high: at the end of this race.

At every meeting, my club has fifty metre handicap events, heats and finals. Many think that these sprints are more taxing than long distance events, and certainly it’s the sprints that make nearly everyone out of breath.

Swimming is a great sport, particularly in our climate.  Sydney, Australia: where the summer days are long and hot, quite often. And our beaches are so inviting!

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