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Why I Like to Play the Accordion

21 Aug

Statistics suggest that the Piano Accordion runs a distant last behind the piano as a popular keyboard instrument. Let me say a few words in its favour.

Firstly, unlike its big brother the harmonium or reed organ, the Piano Accordion is portable. You just pack it in its case, and off you go! Live music is at your fingertips!

Secondly, and arguably more relevant, the Piano Accordion is capable of producing music of an extraordinarily happy nature.  There’s something quite unique in the tones that it can produce. Because the instrument is smaller and lighter than a harmonium, and with thinner reeds,  it therefore has a brighter, more engaging tone.  The display of an  especially enthralling type of  musical extroversion is possible, and with minimal effort!   Simply use the bellows to vary the pressure instantly, and in an expressive manner!  In addition, most models have a choice of voices, so, by flicking a switch, you can produce widely differing and evocative variations.

Sure, the Piano Accordions have a down-side. The larger models, particularly, are quite heavy, which can be quite challenging for some individuals. The other issue is that the bass buttons are out of sight, and therefore, their positions have to be learned primarily by touch. It is possible, however, to cheat a little by using a mirror.

So, why not become a fan of the Piano Accordion, or at least, consider their virtues?

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