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What A Day!

25 Feb

Note this date: 25th February, 2012. Today, I finished my book!

Well, not entirely….I’ve finished its first draft. Doubtless, other writers will verify that this is a major milestone.

Hooray! I didn’t run out of ideas! Wow! I stuck to the computer, despite life’s temptations!

What a relief! The hard yards are over!

All that’s left is the tinkering that turns the bare bones into a fully-formed baby, ready to make its appearance on the world literary stage!

Like its predecessors, it’s easy to comprehend, and identify with the characters and situations.

It has my own style as author, and doubtless my husband Ronald Sharp the Sydney Opera House Organ Builder will add his finishing touches as editor.

It has high hopes to live up to, and plenty of shelf-mates with identical parentage.

It has all that: and more….

What it doesn’t yet have is a name!

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