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Playing Hard to Get…

14 Jul
Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get

Quite often I see the White-faced Herons.

They fly in to the shallows of the local swimming baths ( which are formed by a shark-net in the river).

I have never actually  seen a  flock of Herons. In fact, I’ve only ever come across these elegant birds as singles or in pairs.

In this photo, I rather fancy that one of them is playing hard to get.

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A Perfect Match: A Pair of Herons

2 Apr
A Pair of White-faced Herons

A Pair of White-faced Herons

These seem to me to be a perfect match: two stately, elegant White-faced Herons strutting along the shore.

Generally ,these tall birds appear to be loners at the local baths. I see them very often at low tide: nearly always solo. But this time there was a pair, and fortune favoured me by giving me a chance to record their image.

Enjoy this little tableau on the Georges River in Sydney, Australia.

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My 100th Post: Despite Adversities!

22 Nov

Hooray! This is my Hundredth Post!

So what shall I talk about?

I’ll discuss my morning.

The weather is overcast, and the forecast is for rain. And yet….

I’d planned to go swimming in my local baths, so off I went! And it was wonderful!

The water was just right, not too cold, not too warm: salty and calm. There were swallows in the air, and herons searching the shallows for their breakfast. In the distance, white cockatoos abounded: some perched in trees, others in flight or on the ground. A magical air of stillness and tranquility engulfed me.

Yes, I was so glad I went, despite the apparent gloom that soon dissipated when the true beauty of the time sunk in.

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