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My Favourite T.V. Show

20 Oct

What makes a t.v. series outstanding?

In my book, it’s a combination of characters, acting,plot and setting, in that order of importance.

To me, ‘Doc Martin’ is the current winner. Why?

The biggest draw-card is hero, Doctor Martin Ellingham. Seemingly gruff, brilliant, insensitive yet engaging, he Doc is brilliantly portrayed by actor Martin Clunes. Despite his eccentricity and inconvenient phobia, we take to him. His on and off romance with Louisa is integral to the series, and I for one am delighted when this finally blossoms.

Like ‘Heartbeat’, the series abounds in interesting characters, pulling the show together as an enthralling, believable expose of  exceptional fictitious identities.

Add to that a charming backdrop, believable story-lines and outstanding musical themes, and no wonder this show’s a winner!

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