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There’s More to Writing

28 Oct

Have you ever written and published a book? Hoped for commercial success?

Did you approach it with your eyes wide open? Or were you as naive as myself, and thought that all you had to do was get it onto the market?

Much as having a child doesn’t stop when you’re finally wheeled out of the labour ward, creating a book doesn’t finish when you’ve got it in your hands. Like a baby, you may love it and want to see it adored by relatives, friends and society, but the journey is only just beginning.

You may watch and see how your human child gets on at playgroup, school, university and so on, trying to smooth his (or her) pathway to success. Your input is critical, yet aren’t the intrinsic qualities of the child¬† all important, too?

I guess it’s much the same for books. To really succeed, you need good marketing strategy, receptive listeners and a conducive environment for sales. Oh, yes! It sure helps if the book is capable of winning and holding popularity and status!

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