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What’s Good About Losing?

29 Aug

Pondering this profound question, I feel like the devil’s advocate.  Everyone loves to win; everyone loves a winner.  Therefore, losing seems to be a lack-lustre  prospect, and therefore a hard one for which to go into bat.

I’ve given this some long, hard thought, and finally I’ve found the sunny side.

Losing, I believe, underlines our humanity. I cannot think of any individual that has attained the age of ten without losing something or someone. Therefore, it is a universal experience, and one which can trigger a positive outcome: character building. We are all going to face loss; and, unless we are superhuman, we cannot always win.

The experience of losing carries with it another plus. It heightens our appreciation of success. What sense of achievement, what glow of euphoria is there in winning, if that is all you ever do? No. If winning is the norm, then winning loses its glamour, and becomes just another mundane fact of life. I suppose some of you are laughing at this seemingly preposterous idea, but think it over.

All in all, winning is the aim, but even the ogre, losing, has something going for it.

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