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Love and Marriage

23 Apr

Once upon a time, someone- a woman of senior years- observed to me that she       ” didn’t know why young women got dressed up to get married when what they were really doing was committing themselves to a life behind the kitchen sink.”

Cynical? Perhaps. But, even today, is there any truth in it?

In marrying, are women thrusting themselves into the burden of responsibility: for attending to the needs of an unspecified number of people for an unspecified length of time? If so, is this reason to dress up and celebrate the day of this commitment?

Or is the marriage ceremony symbolic of something much higher? The strength of a bond, the hope of its endurance: the overwhelming, all-encompassing feeling we call love?

I for one hope it’s the latter.

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What Makes a Marriage Happy?

29 Jan

What makes a marriage happy?

If someone could invent a formula or write a prescription for such an outcome, my guess is they’d make millions.

With today’s society struggling with increase rates of divorce and separation, and still others toughing it out in less than blissful unions, I offer my thoughts.

My idea of a happy marriage involves  a situation in which both parties respect and care for each other. It certainly helps, too, if they have compatible goals, mutual interests, and complementary temperaments.

Vital, too, is empathy: a oneness with the other. The wonderful feeling that flows when life’s hardships are comforted by caring hugs, soothing words, and meaningful kisses, is immeasurable.

Loyalty, too, is up there as a vital ingredient. For each partner to have the assurance that the other is on their side adds to the sense of stability and strength that a good marriage brings.

Have I forgotten the most important quality? Yes, of course: it’s love!

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