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Reflections on the Internet: The age of Computers.

16 Apr

Ten: even five: years ago, the internet and I were almost strangers. I’d grown up in an era where computers were absent from homes and schools. Sure I’d heard of them, but they seemed to be part of another world, a world of which I did not belong.

When, a few years back, I decided to start writing, computers became a part of my life. They were a massive improvement on the old-fashioned manual typewriters that I’d grown up with, and never quite mastered. Using them was, to me, a battle, and one that I rarely, if ever, won.

But an even greater revelation of the worth of computers soon entered my consciousness. Instead of being an occasional adventure, using the internet became a regular event. Topics from avocado to zoology were covered, usually in fine detail, and often from a variety of sources.

I wonder what my parents and grandparents would make of today’s modern lifestyle where home and business computers are the norm.