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Live and Let Live!

5 Jan

Do you have a motto, a code of ethics that describes your philosophy?

I pondered this question today, and  concluded the following.


It’s ‘Live and Let Live!’

With few exceptions, I go out of my way to preserve life. No, I’m not a vegetarian, though in theory at least I agree with them.

If I see an insect on the ground, I carefully step over it, not wantonly squash it like some with totally opposite ideals.  Likewise, if an insect is swimming  frantically in the local baths, who is renowned for gently fishing it out on the back of a leaf? Yep, yours truly!

Spiders, wasps, you name it: I just let it be. With two exceptions.

(a) Fleas

(b) Mosquitoes.

Somehow, the trouble they cause dissolves my strongly-held principles, and I relinquish my qualms without even a pang of conscience!

Ah, well. That’s human nature, I guess!

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