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What’s Going On?

27 Jun
Keeping watch...

Keeping watch…

What’s going on?

This Rainbow Lorikeet seems to be surveying the scene…

These parrots so often compete with the Cockatoos for the best nesting sites. Maybe there is something around that needs to be watched.

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Another Australian Scene

12 Jun
Australian Scene

Australian Scene

One of the attractions of living near a natural bushland park lies in the easy accessibility of beautiful scenery. The bark of this big tree is quite delightful to the eye, and who can resist the water views?

An ideal place for recreation…

What Next? A Magpie Contemplates…

31 Mar
Magpie in Contemplation

Magpie in Contemplation

What next?

Is this Australian Magpie absorbed in contemplation?

What better place for thought than high in a gum-tree…

Maggie has chosen well, for just below is an area popular with picnickers. Many of these people seem more than happy to toss a tasty bite or two to the birds: Magpies included.


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A Lazy Afternoon

7 Mar
The river beckons...

The river beckons…

A lazy afternoon. That’s the temptation.

And what better place to spend it than by the river.

Aren’t the golden highlights of the trees just wondrous?

Don’t you think that Australian natural beauty is hard to eclipse?

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What Have We Here?

16 Feb

I’m taking a risk in trying to read the mind of this Rainbow Lorikeet, but nevertheless I’ll proceed.

‘What have we here?’ he’s thinking  as his eyes alight on an enticing morsel below.

And then, without further warning, off he flies…

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

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Are They In Love?

14 Feb
Are they in love?

Are they in love?

As I look at this pair of ducks, I wonder….

Their bonding is so easy to see. They follow each other everywhere.

Are they in love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Rainbow Lorikeets: Wonders of the Australian Bush

7 Feb
Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets: so aptly named!

I know of no other wild Australian bird that sports a more vivid, striking and cheerful display of coloured feathers, not to mention a wonderfully cheeky red beak.

Flocks of these parrots inhabit our local park  and often visit neighbouring gardens, especially those that support Australian natives such as Grevilleas, Banksias  and Bottlebrush.


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